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Record Gradings

Records are described using the following abbreviations:


Describes a record which is believed to be unplayed


Describes a record in excellent condition with no serious defects


Describes a record in very good condition with few marks and good sound quality. There may be some minor warp or surface scratches as is common with old gramophone records

We use + and - signs to fine tune the grades with VG+ being better than VG, but not quite as good as EX for example.

Where a picture sleeve is included, the sleeve is graded first so a grading VG/EX will indicate the sleeve is in very good condition and the vinyl is excellent condition.

With all records, any significant writing, stickers or damage on labels or sleeve will be noted. Other abbreviations on condition include (n.o.c) = no original centre, (s.m.o.l) = sticker mark on label, (s.m.o.l) = small sticker mark on label, (w.o.l) = writing on label.

We do not normally sell any single items less than VG grade. Occasionally we will offer a bargain basement, job lot which will be at a bargain price.

All items we sell are guaranteed and come with a no quibble guarantee. If for any reason you want to return the item within seven days that is fine and we make a full refund including postage costs.

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