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Soulful Kinda Music


The Contenders - Do What You Gotta Do


The Age Of Bronze - I’m Gonna Love You


Phil Terrell - Love Has Passed Me By


Phyllis Brown - Oh Baby


Duke & Leonard - Just Do The Best You Can


The Bell Boys - I Don’t Want To Lose You 


The Friendly People - I Ain’t Got Nothing But The Blues 



The Majestics - I Love Her So Much It Hurts Me


James Bounty - Prove Yourself A Lady


George Blackwell - Can’t Lose My Head


The Exaveyons - I Don’t Love You No More


The Carpets - Keep Pushing On


Minnie Jones & The Minuettes - Shadow Of A Memory


Epitome Of Sound - You Don’t Love Me


Soul Supply LPSS103

(EX+/EX+ : no writing or stickers)