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Jumping At The Go Go LP


Dean Courtney - I'll Always Love You

Laura Greene - Moonlight, Music And You

Susan Barrett - What's It Gonna Be

Big Boris - Devil's Drive

Judy Freeman - Hold On

Percy Wiggins - It Didn't Take Much

Willie Kendrick - Change Your Ways

Ray Paige - Ain't No Soul

Lorraine Chandler - I Can't Change

Roy Hamilton - Crackin' Up Over You

The Exciters - Blowing Up My Mind

Michael & Raymond - Man Without A Woman

Robert Walker - Stick To Me

Herb Ward - Honest To Goodness

Beverly Anne - You've Got Your Mind On Other Things

The Cavaliers - Hold To My Baby

Lorraine Chandler - I Can't Hold On

The Bobbettes - Happy Go Lucky me

Rose Valentine - I've Gotta Know Right Now

Paul Anka - I Can't Help Loving You


RCA RS1066

(EX+/EX+ : no writing or stickers)