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Richard Berry - Have Love Will Travel

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Richard Berry & The Pharaohs - Have Love Will Travel

Born April 11th 1935 Richard Berry Jnr. recorded with many bands during the 1950s  including The Penguins, The Cadets, The Crowns, The Whips and The Chimes. He also recorded with The Dreamers who went on to become The Blossoms.

He is best known as composer and original performer of the song Louie Louie which became one of the most recoded songs of that time and went on to record Have Love Will Travel which remains a R&B / Northern Soul room floorpacker some 57 years later. 

Forming his own group The Pharaohs they went on to sell 130,000 copies of You Are My Sunshine on Flip Records in 1957. Having originally sold the copywright for Louie Louie for $750 in 1959 to pay for his wedding a strange twist of fate occured.

Living on food stamps in his mother's house in south central L.A. The drinks company California Cooler wanted Richard Berry's signature to use it in a commercial. After a legal tussle, the publishers settled out of court and Berry became a millionaire.

Berry played at London's legendary 100 Club in 1993



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